How To Strategize Your Content On Instagram

Social media and strategy are a delicious combination for any brand or business. It doesn’t take a genius to post a photo and maybe even throw in some hashtags for good measure. However, chances are you won’t get very far in the effectiveness of your social channel. On the other hand, having strategy to your posts can be one of the best organic marketing tools that exists today.

At Greatness Media, we’re very transparent with our clients about how we operate and manage their Instagram accounts. There are no secrets to what we do, so we’re happy to share it with you as well. Here is a guideline to create your Instagram management strategy:

  1. Identify 3-6 themes that represent your brand or business. For example, if you’re a local restaurant, you might choose these as your themes: menu item, ingredient feature, ambiance highlight, city feature, Yelp review highlight.

  2. Take your themes and simply rotate between them on each day you post. Try to keep similar types of photos at least a post or two apart. Meaning, don’t have two food pictures posted back-to-back. It gives your feed an overall better look to spread them out with a photo of, let’s say, the city you’re in or of the restaurant itself.

  3. Write something thoughtful. For the most part, short and sweet goes a long way. You can even copy/paste things directly from your website or any marketing material you have and repurposing it for posts. Longer posts can be great too but unless you have really excellent copywriting skills, this may end up hurting you if you’re not writing content that’s engaging enough.

  4. Hashtag each photo uniquely. Some hashtags will overlap but the idea is to only use hashtags that pertain to the photo itself. The exception is if you have branded hashtags (i.e, #BluePlateLosAngeles). Branded hashtags can be used on all photos consistently.

  5. Geotag whenever possible. It gives more opportunity for engagement and it will also save time in answering the question of “where is that?” when you post something in an awesome location.

  6. Post 3-5 days a week. Yes, you can post more but only if the quality of the content you’re posting is AWESOME. Otherwise, go for slightly less posting that is high quality in every aspect. The combination of quality and consistency are important.

Implement these 6 strategies and you will notice a change in your growth and engagement on Instagram. It’s not complicated or difficult but it does take time, so plan it out accordingly.

Tight on time? The Greatness Media team is always happy to support your Instagram management needs. Learn more here.