5 Tips For Making Instagram's Algorithm Work In Your Favor

The word “algorithm” has gone from being a neutral mathematical term to becoming a frustrating, annoyance-inducing, body-cringing word that anyone with a social media account is VERY familiar with. We’re here to give you a different, more hopeful perspective. 

In a world where we are inundated with content, the purpose of the algorithm is to filter through what a social platform believes you will find less interesting. The challenge is, lots of people like the content they see but they don't necessarily hit the "like" button or interact with it too much in order to let the algorithm adjust accordingly.

Our expertise is in Instagram, so here are 5 tips we've found to be highly effective in making Instagram's algorithm work on your side:

  1. Interact with your current followers. This is super important. Don't just gain a bunch of followers and never engage with them again. Your interaction encourages them to interact with your account in some way. When that happens, you get boosted up on the algorithm spectrum.
  2. Geotag your photos and Instagram stories. This allows for more discoverability from new people in a different way from hashtags. Very specific places, like restaurants, coffee shops, or landmark locations are excellent for giving your audience the "I've been there too!" connection or "I've been wanting to check that place out!" feeling. It might even encourage them sending you a direct message or comment asking about the location.
  3. Use relevant hashtags ONLY. No one likes to see a bunch of hashtags that don’t make sense to your photo. It's spammy. Though we don't this for sure, but if Instagram hashtags have any resemblance to SEO tags, using irrelevant hashtags might actually hurt your algorithm.
  4. Get creative with your promotions. Instagram is a photo heavy platform, gimmicky photos are a quick turn off. For example, don’t post a picture of a 25% off coupon if you’re running a discount or special. Instead, post an awesome photo and let them know about the discount in the description instead. 
  5. Give valuable info that encourages followers to “save” your post. Recipes, workout routines, steps to success, etc., are great pieces of content that people may want to refer to again in the future. Encourage them to “save” the post. This counts as engagement with your photo, which in turn will boost your overall algorithm ranking with that account.

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